Environmental Protection Work Achievement

     The company always adheres to green environmental protection first, carries out the triad of special inspection to the rectification work; We made solid progress in afforestation, beautifying engineering and environmental testing; The production of wastewater, sewage and garbage disposal in the timely manner, the operation of the annulus is functioning properly and managed; Conscientiously fulfilling social responsibility, actively carrying out the implementation of the fish road, the environmental protection work is recognized by the Cambodian government at all levels.

20160629 Minister of environmental protection visited the scene

Site environmental monitoring of SBK company

In 6.5 the Ministry of environmental protection treng World Environment Day activities and commended

Phnom Penh, the fishery sector and world fish Center personnel to the scene investigation on the left bank of the fishway

Propaganda environmental protection sign plate is set on both sides of approach road

Closed dust control facility for sand production system on right bank

In Phnom Penh and held a meeting to mine the fishway