Engineering and technology

     The project scale of Lower Sesan 2 Hydropower Project is determined as Rank I large-sized (1) project. Its main permanent structures (dam, discharging structures and water conveyance and power generation structures) are designed as per Grade 1 structures and secondary structures as per Grade 3 structures.
The dam type is designed including homogeneous earth dams located on both banks, powerhouse and spillway located on left and right part of the riverbed, water retaining concrete gravity dam between the spillway and powerhouse, and the concrete side wall between the concrete dam and earth dam.
The construction of the project including the construction of its hydraulic structures, manufacturing and installation of mechanical-electrical equipment, construction of the transmission line and other engineering works. The main technologies involved during the construction are: excavation of open channel, building the earth-rock cofferdam, supporting the bank slope, foundation treatment, reinforced concrete placement, fabrication and lifting of the prefabrications, installation of the pre-stressed anchor cable, manufactory and installation of the radial gates, bulkhead gates, trash-rash, gantry crane, bridge crane and other metal structures, assembly of the bulb turbine-generator units, installation of the electrical control system and the construction of the transmission project connecting to the Cambodian 230kV national power grid. Various of technologies has been adopted for this project with extremely high technical requirement. The construction of the Project, including its process control and acceptance check will be according to the Chinese technical standards.