project profile

        Lower Se San 2 HPP is located at the main stream of Se San River within Se San District in Stung Treng Province of the Kingdom of Cambodia, about70 kmfar from Cambodia – Laos frontier in the north, about200 kmfar from Vietnam – Cambodia frontier in the east,1.5 kmfar from the confluence between Srepok and Se san Rivers towards the U/S and about20 kmfar from the confluence between Se Kong and Se San Rivers towards the D/S.
桑河二级水电站位于柬埔寨东北部上丁省西山区境内,电站北距柬埔寨—老挝边境线约70km,东距越南-柬埔寨边境线约200km,上游距斯雷波克河(Srepok)和桑河(SeSan)汇合处1.5km,下游距赛公河(Se Kong)和桑河汇合处大约20km。
       The river catchment area is49,200 km2. The mean annual discharge at dam site of Lower Se San 2 HPP is1310m3/s. the reservoir is a daily adjustable reservoir with normal water level of EL.75.00m and total storage of 2.715 billion m3. The total capacity of the HPP is 400 MW with a annual generation output of 1912 GW.h.
桑河二级水电站控制流域面积49,200 km2,坝址多年平均流量1310m3/s。水库正常蓄水位EL.75.00m,为日调节水库,总库容为27.15 亿m3,总装机容量400MW,多年平均发电量约为19亿kW·h。
       The main components of the Project include earth dam on both left bank and right bank, gravity concrete dam in the riverbed, spillway, powerhouse in the riverbed and concrete wall and other structures. The total length of the dam is 6,500m.
The construction of this Project boomed the local industries of construction materials and logistics, provided employment and technical training opportunities to the local labors, increased the local resident income and therefore strongly promoted the economy development ofCambodia. After the completion of the project, it will provided large amount of clean, safe and reliable energy to Cambodian national power grid and meet the country's energy demand to support its sustainable and stable economy development.