The first unit of the Hydropower Lwer Sesan 2 power plant put into operation

      At 9:00 am December 9, 2017, after four years of construction, Hydropower Lower Sesan 2 Power plantthe “Sesan 2 power plant”)the longest dam in Asia and the largest hydropower project in Cambodia—its first unit had successfully passed the 72-hour commissioning, and officially put into operation.


The dam of the Hydropower Lower Sesan 2 Station

      The total length of the Sesan 2 power plant dam is 6.5 kilometers and the total installed capacity is 400,000 kW. It adopts 8 sets of 50,000 kW bulb tubular-flow units that are made in China, and its rated head and stand-alone capacity are the forefront in the world with the same type of unit.

       Sesan 2 power plant started the construction in October 2013. It is expected that all of the eight units will be put into operation at the end of October 2018.

The Hydropower Lower Sesan 2 Station