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 Hydrolancang International Energy Co.,LTD 

     Hydrolancang International Energy CO., LTD was established in February 2010, which is specialize in the  international power project investment, and it is the main body and the only platform of its foreign investment for the implementation of the strategy of "going out". As a professional power project investment and development company, the company take full advantage of strategic opportunities for China to implement "One Belt And One Road" and the location advantages, focusing on the southeast Asia market, actively participate in the world, including South Asia, Europe, Africa and other regional electricity market competition and cooperation, to further expand the international market.
       云南澜沧江国际能源有限公司(HYDROLANCANG INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CO.,LTD)于2010年2月注册成立,是一家专业从事国际电力项目投资的公司,是澜沧江公司实施“走出去”战略的实施主体和对外投资的唯一平台。作为专业电力项目投资开发公司,公司充分利用中国实施"一带一路"的战略机遇和云南区位优势,以东南亚市场为重点,积极参与包括南亚、欧洲、非洲等在内的全球各区域电力市场的竞争与合作,进一步拓展国际市场。

Royal group of Cambodia


Royal group was founded in 1990, It is one of Cambodia's largest integrated investment development company.Its purpose is not only to become the Cambodia national platform for the strategic investment, but also absorb foreign capital and promote the Cambodian national social and economic development.The royal group's business covers from energy, telecoms, media, banking, insurance, hotels, education, real estate, trade and agriculture.

Vietnam power international company
     Vietnam power international, inc. (EVN) was founded by the electric power, Rubber group, Petro Vietnam Vietnam electric power company and An Binh bank in 2007.The company is committed to improving project host country social and economic level; At the same time, by connecting to the grid, of electricity imports from countries to Vietnam in part to ease shortages of domestic electric power to ensure that Vietnam's power system security and stability.

        越南电力国际公司(EVN国际)成立于2007年1月10日,由越南电力、越南Rubber集团、Petro越南电力公司、An Binh银行共同组建。通过对东盟地区各个国家的投资,致力于提升项目所在国社会及经济水平;同时,通过连接电网,将各国的电力进口至越南以部分缓解越南国内的电力紧缺,确保越南电力系统的安全和稳定。