Company Profile

     This is a joint venture company run by China, Cambodia and Vietnam, with hydropower investment, development, construction, operation for the main business, it also provides   trade,transportation,business consulting, etc.
桑河二级水电有限公司(HYDRO POWER LOWER SESAN 2 Co., Ltd.)是一家由中、柬、越三国合资成立的公司,以水电投资、开发、建设、运营为主营业务,协调发展贸易、运输、商业咨询等领域业务。
Company has always been committed to the development of clean energy, commitment to abide by the investor in the laws and regulations, respect the local culture, uphold the concept of harmonious development, earnestly implement enterprise economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility; Always achieve the coordinated development of hydropower development and promoting local economic and social, hydropower development and the harmonious development of social responsibility construction, hydropower development and ecological environment coordinated development, in order to promote the huge contribution to the local social and economic development.
At present, the company is responsible for investment, development, construction and operation of the secondary hydropower station which is the largest hydropower station of Cambodia, is located in the provinces of the kingdom of Cambodia within the territory of the mountain west conference San river, a total installed capacity of 400MW, river power plant total installed capacity of 50MW 8 bulb tubular turbine generator set. A total capacity of 2.715 billion cubic meters. Crest total length of 6500 m, including concrete dam section 464.0 m long, 6036 m wide.